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Used Nissan Cars for Sale in Troy, MI

If you are looking for a used car in the Troy area, you've come to the right place. We have a large, ever-changing, diverse selection of quality used cars to choose from. Your satisfaction as a car owner is our business, which is why our friendly, dedicated, and helpful staff is on hand to explain the advantages of a used car and help you find one that meets your needs. Perhaps you're looking for a used Altima, a pre-owned Maxima, or a sporty SUV like the Rogue. No matter what kind of car you have in mind, just let us know, and we'll help you find the right one. 

Benefits of Buying Used Nissan Cars

When you purchase a car, you have a lot to think about. Do you want the latest technology, and is your heart set on a certain color? Or maybe you want to spend less and get more features like a sunroof and leather seats. If you choose the latter, you're a good candidate for a pre-owned vehicle. By purchasing a used car, you can potentially save thousands of dollars off the cost of a nearly identical new car. You might not get to choose your exterior paint color, but you'll save a lot of money and still get plenty in the way of safety features and conveniences. 

In the auto industry, there is a saying that a new car loses value the minute it leaves the lot. There is quite a bit of truth to that sentiment. If you are thinking of selling a car down the road, buying a used car is a more worthwhile investment. Used cars generally retain their value, which means you can ask for a price closer to what you paid for the vehicle initially if you choose to sell it down the road. If you buy a new car, in contrast, the resale value will be much lower than what you paid.

Another major difference between new and used cars is the upfront and total cost. Most states impose a sales tax for new cars. Depending on the state, the sales tax can be hundreds of dollars or more. If you buy a car used, however, you avoid that sales tax. When you calculate other costs like insurance, registration fees, and loans, it is also cheaper to get a used car. Insurance rates are generally better for used cars, and it costs less to register them than it does to register a new car. If you're financing a vehicle, most lenders give better rates for pre-owned cars. 

Quality Used Nissan Cars

Now that you're inspired to save money on a car, you're probably wondering how you can tell if you're getting a reliable vehicle. While you don't always have that assurance when you buy a used car from a private seller, you can buy with confidence from our dealership. When a car arrives on our lot for resale, our meticulous mechanics give it a thorough inspection, inside and out, to make sure it has no problems. If we wouldn't drive away in a car ourselves, we won't sell it to you. 

Buying a car is one of the biggest investments you'll make. And most people end up having to buy more than one car. So if you want to save money initially and over time and still get a great value, a pre-owned car is the way to go. If you're ready to get behind the wheel of a quality used car, call or contact us through our website to arrange a test drive. 

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